Weight:8,664kg Length:4.8m
Height:2.026m Width:2,242m
Crew:2 Maximum Road Speed:MK 77km/h, MJ 88km/h

The Bedford 4tonne 4x4 truck is one of the most widely used vehicles in the British Army and replaced the Bedford RL.

In the early 1960's the British Army issued a requirement for a 4x4, 4000kg truck to replace the then current Bedford RL. Austin submitted the FJ (FV13701), Commer the CB (FV13901), and Vauxhall the RK (FV13801). After a series of trials the Vauxhall model, based on it's civilian TK 4x2 truck was selected and standardised as the Truck, Cargo (Bedford MK 4tonne 4x4), which entered service with the British Army in 1969.

From April 1981, Bedford changed the description of the MK to MJ, as the K multi-fuel engine was superseded by the J diesel engine. MK is an abbreviated form of the alpha designation MKP2BMO, MJ being MJP2BMO, B becomes W for the winch variant. The MJ body is manufactured by Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) Ltd.

Bedford MJ 4X4 GS CARGO with 1.5 ton Trailer

In June 1982 a 6 million order was announced for the new MJP trucks fitted with the 5.4 litre turbo diesel engine designated the 5.4/105TD, and 155ltr fuel capacity, production began in September 1982.

The basic models of the M type were designated FV13801 (MKP2BMO) and FV13802 (MJP2BMO). The winch variants were FV13803 (MKP2WMO) and FV13804 (MJP2WMO).

28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment holds 43 Bedford 4tonne trucks throughout the various Squadrons, 24 in the Regimental workshops alone. 3 Bulk Fuel versions of the truck are also on the Regiment's vehicle strength.

Bedford MJ 4X4 UBRE Refuelling FV101 Scorpions

Bedford MJ 4X4 GS CARGO with 1.5 ton Trailer

Many thanks to Tony Hoare ( for the use of the following photographs:

Bedford MJ GS on Salisbury Plain

Bedford MJ GS on Salisbury Plain

Bedford MJ and Land Rover 110 FFR on Salisbury Plain

RA Bedford MJ firing "Midge Drone" Courtesy of Morris (73 Loc Bty RA Retd.)