Bedford TM 4x4 GS

Weight:8.625kg Length:6.604m
Height:2.977m Width:2.476m
Crew:2 Maximum Road Speed:88km/h

In the early 1970's the British Army issued a requirement for a new 4x4 8000kg cargo truck as part of it's Medium Mobiity Vehicle Programme. Prototypes were built by Foden, Leyland and Bedford, and after trials Bedford was awarded the contract in 1977 for 2,099 of the TM 4x4 model. Production began in September 1980 and the first vehicles were delivered to the British Army in April 1981.

The TM 4x4 GS is designated WNV3NPO by Bedford and has a gross vehicle weight of 16,260kg. It is a four wheel drive, 8tonne vehicle, powered by Bedford 8.2 litre turbo diesel developing 206bhp at 2500 rpm. The TM 4x4 has a fuel capacity of 154 litres with a range of 500km.

The basic models of the TM were designated FV40101 (GS) and FV40102 (Flat Platform). The winch variants were FV40103 (GS) and FV40104 (FP). There are two crane variants, FV40105 (GS), and FV40106 crane variant with winch. The TM "End-tipper" is designated FV40107, and the TM 9000ltr Tanker is designated FV40108.

It has many components that are inter-changable with the Bedford TM 6x6 14ton GS and the body is built by Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) Ltd.

28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment holds 13 Bedford TM 4x4 trucks throughout the various Squadrons. 2 Bulk Fuel versions of the truck are held by A2 Echelon, 71 Amphibious Engineer Support Squadron.

Bedford TM 4x4 GS with full Canvas Tilt

Production has now ceased with 2,100 TM 4X4s built. A small number of these vehicles were exported to Saudi Arabia.

Bedford TM 4x4 GS

Bedford TM 4x4 GS with 1.5 ton trailer

Bedford TM 4x4 GS with Atlas Crane

Bedford MJ, TM & MK

Bedford TM 4x4 GS with FV103 Engine Pack

The TM 4x4 GS is a flat bed cargo vehicle capable of carrying standard NATO ammunition or other store-carrying pallets. For this role it can be fitted with self-loading hydraulic crane located behind the cab. The vehicle can carry 6 standard NATO pallets, shelters or workshop bodies may also be carried. Drop sides and the tailgate can be added to convert the vehicle into general load carrier. Seating units may also be fitted for up to 20 personnel.

Bedford TM 4x4 GS with Atlas Crane

Bedford TM 4x4 GS with Atlas Crane on board M2D Ferry Unit

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Bedford TM 4X4 under repair on Salisbury Plain