Bedford TM 6x6 CRANE BODY

Weight:10.390kg Length:8.600m
Height:3.1m Width:2,476m
Crew:2 Maximum Road Speed:80km/h

The Bedford TM 6x6 14,000kg tuck was developed from the TM 4x4 8,000kg truck in response to a British Army General Staff Requirement for a cost effective 6x6 vehicle with the same 14-tonne payload as the TM 4x4 and trailer combination (10 standard NATO pallets).

The Bedford TM 4X4 and TM 6X6 trucks are basically the same vehicle, the TM 4x4 being an 8 tonne vehicle and the TM 6x6 being a 14 tonne design (maximum load 16 tonnes) due to the additional axle. They share many components in common, such as the forward control cab and engine, the cargo area loading heights, are identical on both vehicles.

The first pre-test prototype was completed in November 1981, and a further four prototypes were built during 1983, and another eight Ministry of Defence validation vehicles were built during 1984 for trials at RARDE Chertsey and user trials that ran into 1985. The initial contract for 1,045 vehicles was issued and production commenced in 1986. It was the only contract issued for this vehicle.

Bedford TM 6x6 GS Cargo Variant

The basic form of both vehicles is a flat bed cargo vehicle capable of carrying standard NATO ammunition or other stores-carrying pallets. For this role both vehicles can be fitted with self-loading hydraulic cranes located behind the cab. Standard shelters or workshop bodies CB300, built by Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) Ltd, may also be carried. Drop sides and a tailgate can be added to convert the vehicles into general load carriers. Seating for personnel may also be fitted. Centrally-mounted winches are mounted on some vehicles.

Small numbers of TM 6X6 vehicles were exported to the Saudi Arabia, these were fitted with Cummins engines.

The Bedford TM 6x6 vehicles used by 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment are fitted with an Atlas 3500 crane between the cab and the flatbed.

One TM 6x6 is held by each Amphibious Troop of the Regiment, one is held by the Amphibious Training Troop of 71 Amphibious Engineer Support Squadron, and five are held by Resources Section of 71's Amphibious Support Troop, a total of ten TM 6x6 vehicles.

Bedford TM 6x6 re-supplying FV101 Scorpion

Bedford TM 6x6 GS Cargo Variant

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Bedford TM 6X6 on Salisbury Plain

Bedford TM 6X6 with canvas tilt on Salisbury Plain