The contents shown here, are to supplement the contents of the 1958 Pattern Webbing CEFO. They are geared towards conventional war on NATO's Central Front in West Germany.


The weight of the Bergen will vary, dependent on the type of operation, environment and duration.

The contents:
Sleeping Bag, 1958 pattern:Usually carried, rolled inside your waterproof Bivi Bag.
Kip Mat:Carried on the outside of the Bergen.
Combat Jacket & Trousers:Additional dry clothing is a basic survival requirement in the field.
Spare Shirt:Usually the Norwegian Army type.
Jumper (Heavy Wool):An additional warm layer.
Cold Weather Liners (Jacket & Trousers):The issue quilted liners were efficient but bulky, so were often replaced buy privately purchased fibre pile clothing.
Heavy wool socks, 4 pairs:Dry socks and using the foot powder regularly, helps prevent blisters and other foot problems.
Sewing kit:For uniform and equipment repairs in the field.
2 x 24hr Ration packs:To supplement rations carried in your webbing.
Spare cooker fuel:For extended ops.
Full wash kit and towel:Again to supplement kit carried in CEFO.
2 additional 1958 Pattern water bottles:Regular hydration is requiredwhen carrying heavy loads of equipment.
Large Mess Tin:The Small Mess Tin is carried in your kidney pouch.
Spare flashlight batteries:
Spare Sealed NBC suit, Gloves (inner & outer) & Overboots:The NBC suit you carry with your webbing will only last 24hrs in a contaminated environment.
Gloves and Cold Weather hat:For additional cold weather protection.
Spare First Field Dressings:Carrying 3 extra FFD's, reduces the load for the Medic.
200 Rounds 7.62mm Link Ammunition:Spare 7.62mm 100 link ammunition for the GPMG is carried, but it can also be broken down to replenish SLR magazines.
100 Rounds 7.62 ball ammunition: Issued in bandoliers in 5 round clips, 10 x 5 round clips per bandolier. This ammunition is used to replenish SLR or LMG magazines.
Short shaft Shovel:Carried on the front or the bergen in the straps provided.
LAW 66mm, Light Anti-tank Weapon:Carried to provide the unit with an Anti-armour capability.
Spare 1AH Clansman Battery:Carried to reduce Radio Operator's load.
5 Sandbags:To enable the construction of fixed defensive positions.

Additional specialised equipment would be carried in addition to the above load.