Weight:25.338kg Length:9.055m
Height:3.55m Width:2.492m
Crew:1+3 Maximum Road Speed:52km/h

The Foden 6x6 recovery vehicle embodies Eka model AK6500 EA12 and supercedes the Swedish Eka type D2030B with fixed boom which was selected for evaluation by the British Army.

The Foden 6x6 Recovery entered service in 1986 with an initial order for 333 units. It retains the performance and many of the external features of the FH-70 Gun Tractor, but uses the more powerful Perkins (Rolls-Royce) Eagle engine.

The Perkins (Rolls-Royce) Eagle 290L, is a 6 cylinder water cooled turbo diesel engine developing 290bhp at 1950rpm. The vehicle has a Fuller RTX 11609B manual 9-speed constant mesh gearbox with a Kirkstall AGB 7000 Mk2, 2 range transfer box, and a fuel capacity of 360 litres.

Foden 6x6 recovering a FV102 Striker

The hydraulically-operated folding boom crane has a maximum lift capacity of 11,000kg and is designed to recover all British Army in-service logistic support vehicles. The main winch is a Rotzler type 25000 HS/390 mounted on the main towing boom, which has a maximium single line pull of 25,000kg.

6 Foden Recovery vehicles are held by 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment Workshops (REME). The British Army currently has 333

Foden 6x6 recovering a FV103 Spartan

Foden 6x6 recovering a FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Many thanks to Tony Hoare ( for the use of the following photographs:

Foden 6x6 in Convoy

REME Foden 6x6