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FV101:Scorpion CVR(T)
FV102:Striker CVR(T)
FV103:Spartan, Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV104:Samaritan, Armoured Ambulance
FV105:Sultan, Armoured Command Vehicle
FV106:Samson, Armoured Recovery Vehicle
FV107:Scimitar CVR(T)
FV109:Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV120:Spartan, Milan Compact Turret
FV180:Combat Engineering Tractor
FV201:"Universal Tank" (A45) 17 pdr gun (later 20 pdr)
FV214:Conqueror Heavy Tank
FV215:Conqueror Heavy Tank with 183mm gun
FV219:ARV MkI, FV201 Variant
FV221:Caernarvon Medium Tank, FV201 Variant
FV222:Conqueror ARV Mk II
FV301:A46 Tank, 21 tonne Variant
FV302:GPO/CPO Command Vehicle
FV303:20pdr Self Propelled Gun
FV304:25pdr Self Propelled Gun
FV305:5.5inch Self Propelled Gun
FV306:Light Armoured Recovery Vehicle
FV307:Radar Vehicle
FV308:Field Artillery Tractor
FV309:Royal Artillery Section Vehicle
FV310:Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV311:Armoured Load Carrier
FV400:17.6 tonne Tank with 77 mm Gun
FV401:Cambridge Series Carriers
FV421:Cargo Carrier
FV422:Personnel Carrier
FV423:Carrier, Command Vehicle, 5ton
FV424:Carrier, Royal Engineers
FV425:Carrier, REME
FV426: Carrier Tracked, Launcher HESH Anti-tank Missile
FV432:Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV433:Abbot, Self-propelled Gun 105mm
FV434:Carrier Maintenance, Full Tracked
FV435:Wavell Communications Vehicle
FV436:Green Archer Radar, FV432 Variant
FV437:Pathfinder Vehicle, FV432 Variant (Prototype)
FV438:Swingfire Missile, FV432 Variant
FV439:Signals, FV432 Variant
FV510:Warrior, Mechanised Combat Vehicle
FV511:Warrior, Infantry Command Vehicle
FV512:Warrior, Repair Vehicle
FV513:Warrior, Recovery Vehicle
FV514:Warrior, Observation Post Vehicle
FV515:Warrior, Battery Command Vehicle
FV601:Saladin Armoured Car
FV603:Saracen, Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV604:Saracen, Regimental Command Post
FV610:Saracen, Royal Artillery Command Post
FV622:Stalwart Truck, Cargo Amphibious, 6x6
FV623:Stalwart Truck, Cargo Amphibious, 6x6 Crane Variant
FV624:Stalwart Truck, Cargo Amphibious, 6x6 REME Repair Variant
FV701:Ferret Mk1/1 Scout Car Liason
FV703:Ferret Mk2/6 Scout Car Reconnaissance/GW
FV704:Ferret Mk 1/2 Scout Car Liaison
FV711:Ferret Mk4 Scout Car Reconnaissance
FV712:Ferret Mk5 Scout Car Reconnaissance/GW
FV1103:Leyland Medium Artillery Tractor, 10 tonne 6x6
FV1119:Leyland Recovery Tractor, 10 tonne, Heavy 6x6
FV1601:Humber Truck, Cargo, 1 tonne 4x4 GS
FV1611:Humber Truck, 1 tonne, Armoured 4x4 ("Pig")
FV1620:Hornet Truck, 1 tonne, Air-portable, Malkara Launcher 4x4
FV2721a:Trailer, Centurion AVRE
FV2361:Trailer, 0.75 tonne, General Purpose
FV2380:Trailer, 0.75 tonne, Special Purpose
FV2381:Trailer, 0.75 tonne, General Purpose
FV2405:Trailer, Flat Platform Mk2
FV2406:Trailer, Flat Platform Mk2
FV2408:Trailer, 1.75 tonne, General Purpose
FV2842:Trailer Royal Engineers, Medium Girder Bridge
FV3011:Semi-trailer, 50 tonne
FV3541A:Trailer, Engineer PLant
FV3601:Trailer, Transporter, 50 tonne
FV3621:Trailer, Low-loader, 20 tonne
FV3705:Trailer, Giant Viper, Royal Engineers
FV3801:Gun Tractor, Centurion Variant
FV3802:25pdr Self-Propelled Artillery Field Equipments, Centurion Variant
FV3803:Command Post Vehicle, Centurion Variant
FV3804:Ammunition Vehicle, Centurion Variant
FV3805:5.5inch Self-Propelled Gun, (Prototype)
FV3806:7.2inch Self-propelled Gun, Centurion Variant
FV3901:Churchill Linked ARK
FV3902:Churchill VII "TOAD", Flail
FV3903:Churchill VII AVRE, Tank Infantry Dozer
FV3904:Churchill VII, Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV4001:Centurion Tank, Mine Clearance
FV4002:Centurion Mk5, Bridgelayer
FV4003:Centurion Mk5, AVRE 165
FV4004:Conway (Prototype)
FV4005:Heavy, Self-propelled Anti-tank Gun (Prototype)
FV4006:Centurion AVRE Mk2
FV4007:Centurion Mk1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8/1, 8/2
FV4008:Centurion DD
FV4009:Tank, Medium
FV4010:Tank Destroyer, Medium Malkara Missile Vehicle, Centurion Variant
FV4011:Centurion Mk5
FV4012:Centurion Mk7/1, 7/2
FV4013:Centurion Mk3 ARV
FV4014:Tank, Medium
FV4015:Centurion Mk9
FV4016:Centurion ARK, Bridgelayer
FV4017:Centurion Mk10
FV4018:Centurion BARV (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle)
FV4019:Centurion Mk5, Bulldozer
FV4030:Chieftain Shir Series MBT Designed for Iran
FV4030/2:Chieftain Shir-1 120mm MBT. Renamed Khalid for supply to Jordan
FV4030/3:Chieftain Shir-2 MBT
FV4030/4:Challenger-1 MBT
FV4034:Challenger-2 MBT
FV4101:Cromwell Charioteer, Heavy Anti-tank Gun
FV4201:Chieftain MBT
FV4202:Centurion, 40 tonne 105mm Gun Centurion Mk7 Variant
FV4203:Centurion AVRE 105
FV4204:Chieftain ARV Mk5 and ARRV (Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle)
FV4205:AVLB Chieftain, Bridgelayer
FV4207:Centurion Mk9
FV4211:Experimental Tank
FV4333:Stormer, Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV4401:British S-Tank (Prototype)
FV4501:Armoured Mine Clearence Vehicle
FV4601:MBT-80 (Experimental vehicles)
FV11001:AEC Militant Mk2 Tractor, 10 tonne, 6x4 GS
FV11002:AEC Militant Mk2 Tractor, 10 tonne, 6x6 GS
FV11003:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Crane Bridging, 6x4/6x6
FV11004:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, End-tipper, 6x4
FV11005:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Three Way-tipper, 6x4
FV11006:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Fuel Tanker, 2,500 gallon, 6x4
FV11007:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, (14ft) 6x4 GS
FV11008:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, (18ft) 6x4 GS
FV11009:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Fuel Tanker, 2,500 gallon 6x4
FV11010:AEC Militant Mk2 Tractor, 10 tonne, for Semi-trailer, 6x6
FV11011:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Crane Missile, 6x6
FV11012:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Dropside, 6x4 GS
FV11013:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Crane, 6x4 GS
FV11014:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Excavator, 6x4/6x6
FV11015:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, for 20 tonne Trailer, 6x6
FV11016:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, 18ft Dropside, 6x6, Winch Variant
FV11017:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Self-propelled Launcher, 6x4
FV11018:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, 6x6 GS
FV11021:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Self-loading Tipping Platform, RE, 6x6
FV11022:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Heavy Duty RAF, 6x6
FV11031:AEC Militant Mk2 Truck, 10 tonne, Light Anti-aircraft, 6x6
FV11044:AEC Militant Mk2 Tractor, 10 tonne 6x6, Heavy Recovery
FV11047:AEC Militant Mk3 Truck, Cargo, 10 tonne 6x6 GS
FV11061:AEC Armoured Command Vehicle, Heavy, 10 tonne 6x6
FV11301:Scammell Recovery Tractor, 10 tonne 6x6 GS
FV12002:Thornecroft Antar Mk2 Tractor, 30 tonne 6x4 GS
FV12003:Thornecroft Antar Tractor, 30 tonne 6x4 GS (Ballast Body)
FV12004:Thornecroft Antar Mk3 Tractor, 30 tonne 6x4 GS
FV12101:Scammell Tractor, 20 tonne 6x6 GS
FV12105:Scammell Mk2 Tractor, 20 tonne 6x6 GS
FV13111:Bedford Truck, End-tipper, 4 tonne 4x4
FV13112:Bedford Truck, Cargo, 4 tonne 4x4 GS
FV13113:Bedford Truck, Mobile Workshop, 4 tonne 4x4
FV13142:Bedford Truck, Cargo, 4 tonne 4x4 Airportable
FV13165:Bedford Truck, Mobile Dental Clinic, 4 tonne 4x4
FV13201:Commer Truck, 3 tonne 4x4 GS
FV13219:Commer Truck, End-tipper 3 tonne 4x4
FV13206:Commer Truck, Mobile Workshop 3 tonne 4x4
FV13701:Austin Truck, 4 tonne 4x4, Contract Evaluation Vehicle
FV13801:Bedford MK Truck, 4 tonne 4x4
FV13802:Bedford MJ Truck, 4 tonne 4x4
FV13803:Bedford MK Truck, 4 tonne 4x4, Winch Variant
FV13804:Bedford MJ Truck, 4 tonne 4x4, Winch Variant
FV13901:Commer Truck, 4 tonne 4x4, Contract Evaluation Vehicle
FV16001:Austin Truck, Cargo 1 tonne 4x4 GS
FV16003:Austin Truck, 1 tonne 4x4 Wireless
FV16008:Austin Truck, 1 tonne 4x4 200 Water-tanker
FV16100:Morris Truck, 1 tonne 4x4
FV18005:Ambulance, Land Rover Series I Truck, 3/4 tonne 4x4
FV18008:Ambulance, Land Rover Series I Truck, 3/4 tonne 4x4
FV18032:Truck, 3/4 tonne 4x4, Line-laying
FV18044:Ambulance, Land Rover Series II Truck, 3/4 tonne 4x4
FV18061:Truck, General Service, 3/4 tonne 4x4, Land Rover Series III
FV18067:Ambulance, Land Rover Series III Truck, 3/4 tonne 4x4
FV19000:Truck, General Service, 1 tonne 4x4, Land Rover 101
FV23225:Bedford Truck, Light Recovery, 4 tonne 4x4
FV30011:Semi-trailer, 50 tonne, Tank Transporter
FV40101:Bedford TM Truck, 8 tonne 4x4, GS
Fv40102:Bedford TM Truck, 8 tonne 4x4, Flat Platform
FV40103:Bedford TM Truck, 8 tonne 4x4, GS Winch Variant
FV40104:Bedford TM Truck, 8 tonne 4x4, Flat Platform Winch Variant
FV40105:Bedford TM Truck, 8 tonne 4x4, Atlas Crane Variant
FV40106:Bedford TM Truck, 8 tonne 4x4, Atlas Crane & Winch Variant
FV40107:Bedford TM Truck, End-Tipper, 8 tonne 4x4
FV40108:Bedford TM Truck, Tanker 9000 ltr, 8 tonne 4x4