Anti-personnel Hand Grenades

L2A2 Anti-personnel Hand Grenade

The L2 grenade is a high explosive, anti-personnel grenade, manufactured by Royal Ordnance Factories, based on the American M26 grenade. The L2 is similar in appearence and performance to the M26, but differs in fuse design and assembly. The L2 grenade replaced the No36M hand grenade, and has two variants, L2A1 and L2A2. The fuse holder in the L2A2 was modified to aid in production, but this was the only major difference between the A1 and A2.

L2A1 Grenade
L2A2 Grenade

The L2A2 weighs 395g and is 84mm in length, contains 170g of RDX/TNT 55/45 explosive giving a lethal radius of 10 metres. The L25A6 fuse gives a delay of 4.4 seconds.

For training purposes, "Grenade, Hand, Practice, Inert L3A1, L3A2 and L3A3", and "Drill, Grenade, Hand L4A1 and L4A2" are manufactured to the same specifications as the L2A2. L3's are completely inert and are painted light blue, L4's are fitted with "Drill, Fuse, Grenade, Percussion L30 and are painted dark blue.

L3A2 Grenade Hand Practice Inert

Riot Control Hand Grenades

Hand Grenade CS No83

The CS No83 is fly-off lever type, filled with CS Riot Control Agent. It is 135mm in length, 60mm in diameter and weighs 445g. There is a 2-4 second delay once the lever has been released and a gas emission duration of 20-25 seconds. It is manufactured by Haley and Weller Ltd.

Mk3 Standard CS Grenade

The standard CS grenade Mk3 was developed as a cost effective and easily operated CS generator. It produces a very large, dense cloud of CS gas suitable for dispersing crowds. It is 132mm in length, 64mm in diameter and weighs 400g. There is a 2 second delay once the lever has been released and a gas emission duration of 17 seconds. It has an effective range of 30 meters and it is manufactured by Schermuly (Pains-Wessex) Ltd.

Rubber Bursting CS Grenade

A fly-off lever design, attached to a metal cap. The body of the grenade is rubber, containing 23 pellets of CS Riot Control Agent. After throwing there is a 2-4 second delay, before the rubber body explodes, expelling the CS pellets in all directions. There is an instant emission of CS over a large area which lasts for 20-25 seconds. The grenade is 175mm in length, 60mm in diameter and weighs 630g. It is manufactured by Haley and Weller Ltd.

Grenade XFS Mk1

The XFS Mk1 is a waterproof flash and sound grenade designed to disorientate the recipient. It has an aluminium cup inside a cardboard body. It is 120mm long, 65mm in diameter and weighs 260g. Once the lever is released there is a 2 second delay before the aluminium cup and firing mechanism is ejected, allowing only the cardboard body and charge arrive at the target. The charge gives a bright flash (50 million candelas) and loud report (180db @ 1 metre), rendering the recipient incapacitated. As the casing is cardboard there are no dangerous fragments. It is manufactured by Brock's Pyrotechnics.

Distracton Grenade MX5

A typical fly-off lever design of similar design and materials to the XFS Mk1. After a delay of 1.5 seconds, multiple pyrotechic elements are ejected, 0.5 seconds later, multiple flashes and loud reports. The effect is to confuse and disorientate the target without causing permanent injury. It was developed by Brock's Pyrotechnics in co-operation with Intersec Security Services (UK).

Signalling Smoke Hand Grenades

No83 Mk2/1 Smoke Hand Grenade

The "Grenade, Hand, No83, Smoke" is used for signalling and produces blue, green, red or yellow smoke. The body is 114mm long, 63.5mm in diameter ,in the base recess there is a flash hole, and in the top recess, there are four, equally spaced, 6.3mm smoke emission holes. The filling consists of three solid pellets, each pressed in. It has a burning time of 25 seconds and is manufactured by the Royal Ordnance Factories.

No83 Mk 3/1 Smoke Hand Grenade

The Mk 3/1 is identical to the No83 Mk2/1, except the filling is a single solid pellet, pressed in.

No83A Smoke Hand Grenade

The "Grenade, Hand, Coloured Smoke, No83A" is a non-phosphorous signalling grenade which produces blue, green, red or yellow smoke. The body is 83mm long, 63.5mm in diameter,with a burn time of 40-90 seconds. It is manufactured by Astra Pyrotechnics Ltd.

L50 Series Smoke Hand Grenades

This is a small, light smoke grenade designed for signalling by use of a non-phosphorous filling which produces a dense cloud of coloured smoke. It weighs 283g, is 83mm long and 63mm in diameter. It has a 3 second ignition delay and burns for 45-60 seconds. This grenade replaced the No83 Mk2, No38 Mk3/1 and No83A smoke grenades in 1987, and is manufactured by Brock's Explosives Ltd. There are four colour options designated:

Grenade, Hand, Signal, Smoke, BLUE:L52A1, A2
Grenade, Hand, Signal, Smoke, GREEN:L53A1, A2
Grenade, Hand, Signal, Smoke, RED:L54A1, A2
Grenade, Hand, Signal, Smoke, ORANGE:L55A1, A2

Screening Smoke Hand Grenades

Schermuly Mk4 Screening Smoke Grenade

A Hand thrown grenade consisting of a metal body, 138mm long, 62mm diameter and weighing 650g. It is designed for rapid screening of troop movement and manufactued by Schermuly (Pains-Wessex) Ltd. The Mk4A, has a burn time of 45 seconds, the Mk4B 120 seconds, and the smoke is grey-white and very dense. The 450g filling is solid block HCE mixture, and it is ignited immediately on release of the fly-off lever.

Brock's Type 1 Screening Smoke Grenade

A pin and lever ignition grenade, emitting a dense grey smoke for 60 seconds, one second after ignition. It is 106mm in length and has a diameter of 70mm. It is manufactured by Brock's Pyrotechnics.