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L1A1:7.62mm SLR (Self Loading Rifle)
L1A1:Rocket 66mm HEAT
L1A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Drill
L1A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Cartridge, Grenade
L1A1:Round, 5.56x45mm, Blank, RG
L1A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Drill
L1A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Cartridge, Grenade
L1A2:Round, 5.56x45mm, Tracer, RG
L2A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball
L2A1-L2A2:HE Fragmentation Grenade
L2A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Strengthened Case
L2A2:Round, 5.56x45mm, Ball, RG
L2A1-L2A3:Sterling Submachine Gun
L2A3:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Modified Cap Composition
L2A4:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball
L3A1:Mine, Anti-tank, Non-metallic
L3A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Inspection
L3A1-L3A3:Grenade Hand Prctice Inert
L3A1-L3A4:0.30inch cal M1919A4 Machine Gun
L3A2:Flare, 1 IN, Illuminating
L4A1/A2:Drill Grenade Hand
L4A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Proof
L4A1:Round, .338 LM, BALL, T RUAG
L4A1-L4A9:7.62mm Bren Light Machine Gun conversions
L4A2:Flare, 1 IN, Signal
L4A2:Round, 1.5 IN, A-Riot
L5A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, 1000 metre
L5A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, Bright Ignition
L5A3:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, 775 metre
L5A4:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, Ball Powder
L5A5:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, Modified Ballistics
L5A5:Round, 1.5 IN, A-Riot Baton MR
L6A1:12.7mm Ranging Machine Gun Centurion tank
L7A1/A2:7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (FN MAG)
L7A1:105mm main gun Centurion tank
L8A1/A2:7.62mm Machine Gun, L7 for AFV use
L8A1:Round, 12.7x99mm, Ball, CBC
L8A1:Grenade, 40x46mm UGL Practice
L9:165mm Demolition gun
L9A1:9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-power)
L9A1:51mm Light Mortar
L9A1:Round, 12.7x99mm, Tracer, CBC
L10A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, RG
L10A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, RG
L11A1:9mm Automatic Pistol Kit (L9A1 modified)
L11A1:12.7mm Machine Gun (0.50 inch M2 Browning Machine Gun for use as ranging gun)
L11A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Raufoss Norway
L11A1:Round, 12.7x99mm, Spotter, K Kynock
L11A5:120mm rifled Gun Chieftain tank
L12A1:L1A1 rifle conversion kits
L12A5:Shell, 12 Gauge, Practice
L13A1:5.56mm SA80-series Blank-Firing attachment
L13A1:105mm Gun FV433 Abbot SPG
L13A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, Lightened Case
L13A1:Round, 12.7x99mm, Spotter, K Kynock
L13A1:Grenade, 40x46mm UGL Practice
L13A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, Lightened Case
L13A3:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, Lightened Case
L13A4:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, RG
L14A1:84mm "Carl Gustav" Recoilless Rifle
L14A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, MEN
L15A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Hirtenberger
L15A1:Round, 5.56x45mm, Ball, RG
L15A1:Grenade, 40x46mm UGL Illumination Parachute
L15A2:Round, 5.56x45mm, Ball, RG
L16:81mm Mortar
L16A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Raufoss Norway
L16A1:Round, 5.56x45mm, Tracer, RG
L17A1/A2:40mm Under-slung Grenade Launcher (UGL)
L17A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, FFV
L17A2:Round, 5.56x45mm, Ball, RG
L18A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Hirtenberger
L18A1:Round, 5.56x45mm, Blank, RG
L19A1:7.62mm L7 series modifications
L19A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, SFM
L20A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, FN
L20A1/A2:7.62mm L7 series modifications
L21A1:Rarden 30mm cannon for AFV
L21A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, FNM
L21A1:Round, 5.56x45mm, Ball, T RUAG
L21A1:Round, 37mm, Baton
L22:5.56mm Carbine
L22A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Raufoss Norway
L23A1:76mm Gun FV101 Scorpion Light Tank
L23A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, FFV
L24A1:12.7mm Machine Gun Ranging drill version
L24A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, Hirtenberger
L25A1:L1A1 Drill SLR
L25A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, SFM
L26A1:Rifle Instructional variant of L25A1
L26A1:Rarden 30mm Cannon
L26A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, FN
L27A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, FNM
L28A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, Raufoss Norway
L29A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, MEN
L30A1:120mm Rifled Gun Challenger 2 Tank
L30A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, MEN
L31A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, Hirtenberger
L32A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, FN
L33A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, FNM
L34A1:9mm Submachine Gun. Silenced version L2A3 Sterling Submachine Gun
L37A1/A2:7.62mm L7 Machine Gun for AFVs
L37A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, FNM
L38A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, Match 155gn, RG
L39A1:7.62mm NATO conversion Rifle No.4 Marks 1/2 and 2. Used for target rifle competition
L40A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball
L42A1:7.62mm NATO conversion of Rifle No.4 Mk I(T) Standard Sniper Rifle Pre L96
L42A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Match 155gn, RG
L42A2:Round, 7.62x51mm, Match 155gn, RG
L42A3:Round, 7.62x51mm, Match 155gn, RG
L43A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Blank, RG
L43-L47:7.62mm Machine Gun L7 Variant
L44A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball 144gn, RG
L45A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, RG
L46A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Ball, CBC Brazil
L47A1:Round, 7.62x51mm, Tracer, CBC
L50-L52:9mm DP Sten Machine Carbines
L52A1:Grenade Hand Signal Smoke (Blue)
L53A1:Grenade Hand Signal Smoke (Green)
L54A1:Grenade Hand Signal Smoke (Red)
L55A1:Grenade Hand Signal Smoke (Orange)
L59A1:Drill Rifle
L60A1:Round, 37mm, AEP
L68A1:Grenade Hand Signal Smoke (Green)
L71A1:Grenade Hand Signal Smoke (Blue)
L75A1:CLAW (Close Assault Weapon) 40mm Rifle Grenade
L77A1:Detector, Mine, No4C
L81A1/A2:7.62mm Cadet Target Rifle
L83A1:Grenade Hand Smoke Screening Training
L83A2:Grenade Hand Smoke Screening Training
L85A1/A2:5.56mm Rifle
L86A1/A2:5.56mm Light Support Weapon
L94A1:7.62 mm Machine Gun Hughes EX34 Chain Gun
L95:L94A1 Chain Gun Variant
L96A1:7.62mm Precision Marksman Accuracy International Sniper Rifle
L98A1:5.56mm Cadet General Purpose rifle
L102A1:9mm Pistol Automatic (Walther P5 Compact)
L105A1:Pistol 9mm (SIG SAUER P226)
L108:5.56mm Light Machine Gun (FN MINIMI)
L108A2:Grenade, Hand, 6 Bang Distraction Practice
L109A1:HE Fragmentation Grenade
L111A1:Grenade Practice
L113A1/A2:5.56mm Light machine gun (FN MINIMI Para)
L115A1:.338 (8.6mm) Arctic Warfare Magnum Accuracy International long range Sniper Rifle
L112A1:7.62mm GPMG Air Role Derivative Helicopter dedicated GPMG
L117A1:Pistol Sig P229
L118:Light Gun 105mm Field Gun
L118A1:7.62mm Arctic Warfare Accuracy International Sniper Rifle
L119A1:5.56mm (Diemaco SFW)
L128A1:Shotgun Combat 12 Bore
L129A1:7.62mm Sharpshooter Rifle
L131A1:Pistol 9mm (GLock 17 Gen 4)