Muir-Hill A5000 Light Wheeled Tractor

Weight:8,695kg Length:6.3m
Height:2.87m with cab fitted Width:2,29m
Crew:1 Maximum Road Speed:40km/h

Military version of the Muir-Hill A5000 Bucket Loader called the "Mollie" by Royal Engineer Operators. It is powered by a Perkins water-cooled diesel developing 104hp at 2500 rpm, through a Allison Torqmatic TT2221-1 transmission. It has a fuel capacity of 182 litres and a lifting capacity of 2268kg.

The LWT is one of the Royal Engineers most used pieces of plant equipment as it is basically a wheeled bulldozer. Although this version carries a front loading bucket, this can be replaced with a fork lift. The Engineers have added to it's versatility by adding an extra protection kit for operational locations such as Northern Ireland.

2 LWTs are held by the Plant Section of the Amphibious Support Troop, 71 Amphibious Engineer Support Squadron.