Calibre:51.2mm Muzzle Velocity:98m/s
Weight:4.14kg Length:0.669m
Magazine Capacity:Single Shot Rate of Fire:20 rounds/min
Effective Range:500m Date in Service:1938

The 2inch mortar entered service in 1938 and saw service in the British Army until it was replaced by the 51mm Mortar in 1981. The final version was the Mk8. There were two bomb options available for the 2inch mortar.

The Bomb Mk1, was a 1.022kg high explosive round with a filling of Amatol 50/50, TNT or Baratol 20/80. The Bomb Mk1 was discontinued after WW2 but reintroduced in the 1960's. The Bomb Mk2 had a variety of fillings, smoke, single stars: red or green, multi-stars: red, green or white, and an illuminating bomb fitted with a parachute. The Bomb Mk2 weighed 0.511-0.965kg depending on the filling.

The 2inch mortar was manufactured by the Royal Ordnance Factories.

L9A1 51mm MORTAR

Calibre:51.25mm Muzzle Velocity:103m/s
Weight:2.6kg Length:0.75m
Magazine Capacity:Single Shot Rate of Fire:20 rounds/min
Effective Range:800m Date in Service:1981

Designed to replace the 2inch mortar, the L9A1 51mm mortar was designed by the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (RARDE), as a simple weapon, operable by one man. It entered service with the British Army in 1981.

There are three bomb options for the L9A1 51mm mortar:

HE Bomb L1A1 with a point detonating fuse. The filling is 60/40 RDX/TNT and the complete bomb weighs 0.92kg.

Smoke Bomb L2A1 with a 4 second fixed time delay fuse. The filling is Hexachloroethane (HCE), emision duration of 120 seconds, and the complete bomb weighs 0.9kg.

51mm Bomb Satchel with Smoke & Illuminating Bombs

Illuminating Bomb L3A2 with a 12-14 second pyrotechnic display fuse. The burst height is 325m, burn time of 44 seconds and illumination average of 170,000 candelas. The L3A2 weighs 0.8kg.

81mm L16 ML MORTAR

Calibre:81mm Muzzle Velocity:73-250m/s
Weight:35.35kg Length:1.28m
Magazine Capacity:Single Shot Rate of Fire:15 rounds/min
Effective Range:180-5660m Date in Service:1981

Designed to replace the 3inch mortar, which was raplaced during the 1970's. The L16 ML is a crew served weapon, which is normally deployed to prepared positions, although it has been adapted to fire from the FV432 to increase it's mobility, and can also be broken down into three loads of 11.3, 11.8 and 12.25 kg and manpacked by the mortar section.

L16 ML 81mm Mortar

The barrel of the L16 ML was slightly heavier than the original specification, and was produced to enable it to use ammunition from other NATO countries, which use a hotter burning propellent. Using the British bomb, the weapon can sustain 15 rounds per minute indefinitely. Designated XM252, the L16 ML has been accepted as the replacement for the M29A1 81mm and M30 107mm mortars by the US Army.

The L15A3 high explosive bomb, fitted with "Fuze No162", was designed to produce maximum fragmentation, due to the "Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron" casing. The explosive filling is 0.68kg 60/40 RDX/TNT, 0.472m long and weighs 4.47kg. The Royal Ordnance Factories have developed a replacement for the L15A3 HE bomb, designated L31E3. This replacement is basically the same as the L15A3 in performance, but the L31A3 can utilise a variety of different fuses, and the fragmentation is eight percent better. The range of the L31A3 is up to 5,775 metres using charge 8. The L31A3 uses the same explosive filling, is 0.48m long and weighs 4.2kg.

Three additional bombs are available for the L16ML:

L19A4 Smoke Bomb is ballistically matched to the HE bomb so eliminates the need for false ranges to be set. The length of the bomb is 0.459m and the weight is 4.5kg.
L20 Illuminating bomb (French made Brandt Mk62), has been used as the RARDE design failed to meet design specifications. It has a range of 5100m and is issued solely with charge 5.
L27A1 Practice bomb is a reusable bomb designed to fire to a maximum range of 80m.

L16 ML 81mm Mortar

The ammunition for the L16ML is supplied in a strong waterproof container which holds two rounds. Two containers are packed into metal ammo boxes, this four round package weighs 31kg.