In No2 Dress, badges and chevrons are two-thirds the size of those worn on No1 Dress uniforms. They are white embroidered on a khaki backing and badges of rank are worn on both arms.

No2 Chevrons - Lance Corporal & Corporal

Royal Engineers Sergeant & Staff Sergeant

Warrant Officer Class II

Regiments and Corps wear collar badges to denote Regiment or Corps, except for the Guards Division and Brigade of Gurkhas who wear shoulder titles instead. Cavalry Regiments and the Light Division wear shoulder titles and collar badges.

In No8 Dress, badges and chevrons are dark brown on an olive drab backing, and are worn on the right arm only, by enlisted men, and on epaulette slides by officers.

No8 Chevrons - Corporal & Sergeant

Parachute wings, Flying badges, 5 Airborne Brigade DZ flashes and Berlin Brigade Flashes are the only other badges permitted on No8 Dress, although some of the Corps allow trade and qualification badges to be worn. This also applies to No9 Dress.

Ranking worn on the upper right arm:
Lance Corporal:one chevron Corporal:two chevrons
Sergeant:three chevrons Staff/Colour Sergeant:three chevrons with crown above

Ranking worn on the lower right arm:
Warrant Officer Class II:crown
Warrant Officer Class I:Royal Arms

Ranking worn on each epaulette:
2nd Lieutenant:one star Lieutenant:two stars
Captain:three stars Major:crown
Lieutenant Colonel:crown and one star Colonel:crown and two stars
Brigadier:crown and three stars

Rank Slides - Royal Engineers 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant and Captain

Badges of Appointment. These supplement Rank and are specific to each unit:

Hammer and Pincers are worn by REME Artificers above the rank chevrons to the rank of Sergeant, between the crown and chevrons for Staff Sergeant, and above the rank on the lower right arm for Warrant Officers.

A Grenade is worn above the chevrons for Royal Engineer Sergeants and between the crown and chevrons for a Royal Engineer Staff Sergeant.

Royal Engineers Sergeant's Brassard worn with coveralls

Skill at Arms badges (Advanced and Instructor Level) are worn above the chevrons on the right arm by NCO’s, and below the rank badge by Warrant Officers.

Skill at Arms badges (Class 2 and Intermediate) are worn on the lower left arm, crossed flags –(signaller), diving helmet – (diver), etc.

Trade Badges - Medic, Diver, PTI, Signaller & Bomb Disposal

Employment badges, parachute wings, ammo tech etc are worn on the upper right arm.

Parachute Wings & 9 Parachute Squadron DZ Flash

The All Arms Commando qualified badge is worn on the upper left arm.

All Arms Commando Trained Soldier