Weight:11.095kg Length:6.6m without trailer
Height:3.3m Width:2,5m
Crew:1+3 Maximum Road Speed:65km/h

The Scammell Crusader 6x4 tractor is basically a civilian vehicle adapted to meet miltary requirements. Two basic military models are available, the 20 tonne payload tractor has a two-man cab, and the 35 tonne tractor has a four-man cab with provision for two bunks.

Both the 20 tonne and 35 tonne tractors, are powered by a Rolls-Royce Eagle 305 MkIII turbo diesel engine developing 305bhp at 2100 rpm. The 20 tonne uses a manual transmission with 9 forward and 2 reverse gears, has a fuel capacity of 318 litres giving a range of 500km. The 35 tonne uses a RTO 915 manual transmission with 15 forward and 3 reverse gears with a fuel capacity of 455 litres, also giving a range of 500km.

The Scammell Crusader 35 tonne tractor with it's variety of specialist trailers is the main heavy transport vehicle of 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment.

The Scammell Crusader 6x4 tractor is fitted with a winch to assist in recovery of vehicles, and can be used for self recovery in an emergency. 2 Scammell Crusader 35 tonne tractors are held on strength by 28 Amphibious Engineer Workshops (REME).