FV105 Sultan

Weight:8,664kg Length:4.8m
Height:2.026m Width:2,242m
Crew:5-6 Maximum Road Speed:72.5km/h

The Sultan is also based on the FV101 Scorpion Light Reconnaissance Tank chassis.

The FV105 Sultan is configured specifically for the Command and Control role. 2 Sultans are held by RHQ of 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, and one each are held by the Amphibious Engineer Squadron HQs, a total of 4 Sultans.

FV105 Sultan

The FV105 Sultan Command Vehicle is a derivative of the British CVR (T) family, and went into service in 1978. The vehicle has a higher roof to accomadate the additional equipment required by the Command and Control role. Aluminum armour of the FV105 Sultan protects against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. As a command vehicle it is fitted with a full NBC protection system. This armored vehicle is armed with a single roof-mounted 7.62mm machine gun.

FV105 Sultan

The FV105 Sultan has a crew of 5 - 6, including commander, driver, radio operator and watchkeepers. Vehicle is powered by the Cummins BTA 5.9litre diesel engine, developing 195bhp. It is worth mentioning that this command vehicle as well as all CVR (T) family was originally fitted with commercially available Jaguar 4.2litre petrol engines de-tuned to 195bhp, which were later replaced with more efficient diesel unit. Both engines have similar performance. The rear of the FV105 Sultan is designed to be extended by an attached tent.

FV104 Samaritan Battlefield Ambulance

The Sultan utilizes the same body as the FV104 Samaritan Armoured Battlefied Ambulance. The vehicle is kitted out with a variety of maps, radios, antenna masts, etc... as well as an additional "penthouse" that extends from the rear of the vehicle when set up in a static position. The penthouse is basically a special frame tent that extends from the rear of the Sultan, designated "Tent CVR(T)".

The armament consists of a 7.62mm general purpose machine gun (GPMG) and smoke dischargers.

FV105 Sultan in Static Command & Control Configuration

FV105 Sultan in Static Command & Control Configuration

FV105 Sultan at REME Workshops, Hameln

REME FV105 Sultan

Many thanks to Tony Hoare (plainmilitary@yahoo.co.uk) for the use of the following photographs:

FV105 Sultan on Salisbury Plain

FV105 Sultan Command & Control on Salisbury Plain

Emergency recovery of a trackless FV105 Sultan

FV104 Samaritan on Salisbury Plain